4 Innovative Social Marketing Tools

4 Innovative Social Marketing Tools 2018

4 Innovative Social Marketing Tools Your Business Need

Marketing is an indispensable art of brand management and development. Creative marketing strategy is paramount if you want to withstand the heat of cut-throat competition and carve a niche for your business. Of course, marketing has seen dramatic changes in the past two or so decades. Gone are the days when TV and mainstream newspapers were kings. Now, the real action has pitched the tent online.

According to a report by the Nielsen Company, a staggering 94% of all adult Americans own a Smartphone and nearly 170 million have at least one social media account. For savvy marketers, this, in itself isn’t surprising, and offers new and different opportunities to reach and attract targeted audiences, thereby, ushering in the social media marketing age.

If you are looking to hop on the social media marketing bandwagon, here are four tools that have received rave reviews that many social marketers are taking advantage of:


Scoop.it is a topic-centered curation internet marketing tool. Right from the outset, it’s robust, seamless, and foremost, truly innovative. How does it work? It allows you to collect and post curated content to your social media accounts. From Facebook and Twitter, to Google+ and everything in between, Scoop.it has all your social media marketing needs covered. Need to post your feed to your WordPress blog? Scoop.it does exactly that. The good news is that you can create any subject to repost any relevant news for your target audience. In all, Scoop.it gives you a chance to plan, source, schedule, and analyze content, all at an affordable fee.


Dvlr.it allows you to post your content concurrently to all your social media accounts. This intelligent tool makes content sharing not only fun but also hassle free. It works in a systematic way. It aggregates all your news feeds and RSS-enabled websites and automatically posts fresh content to your accounts. These posts are delivered on a smart schedule. It also promotes your business by distributing your content to local, social, and mobile media.


Feedly.com is perhaps the best news aggregator and RSS feed out there. This smart tool allows you to gather news by both keywords and topics.


HubSpot.com aggregates all your social feeds and stacks them up together in one place. You can access all your news and content in a central and accessible place.

In conclusion, selecting the right social media marketing tools is indispensable to the success of your business. By taking advantage of the innovative and efficient tools mentioned herein, you can improve your marketing strategy, attract new customers and retain repeat client business.