Top 20 Innovative Online Resources For Running A Modern Lean Business

Top 20 Innovative Online Resources for Running a Modern Lean Business

Top 20 Innovative Online Resources for Running a Modern Lean Business

If you are looking to run a modern lean business without much hassle, using outdated resources and tools isn’t going to cut it. To compete in today’s world economy, you need innovative resources on your side for your business to thrive. Change is always preeminent in the business community.

To stay ahead of the curve and outwit your competition, here are 20 innovative resources every owner of a modern, lean business needs to know.

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook, Twitter to Instagram and everything in between, social media offers a new way to promote your business. Smart marketers are now abandoning traditional marketing strategies like TV and newspapers ads and boarding the social media marketing train. About 170 million Americans age 16 and above have at least one social media account. To reach this target audience, you need to use the following social media marketing tools:

  1. this is an ingenious tool that gathers and posts your curated content to your social media accounts. It also posts your feed to a WordPress blog.
  2. This smart tool allows you to post simultaneously to all your social media accounts.
  3. This is a wonderful news aggregator and RSS feed that allows you to collect news by topics and keywords.
  4. This is a clever site that allows you to consolidate your social feeds in one centralized place.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is indispensable for your brand’s visibility and marketing. From company logos to website design, finding the best source to meet your specific graphic needs is a must for your business. Here are some top resources that can help you with that:

  1. this is a bid-based site that boasts a myriad of graphic designers that work for rock bottom prices.
  2. are poised to offer the industry’s best privacy features and NDA with the artists. It’s also affordable.
  3. perhaps the best crowd sourcing graphic design services site out there.
  4. offers the best graphic design tailored services options.

Business Cards and Promotional Flyers

Any business savvy individual knows that business cards and promotional flyers go a long way to enhance brand visibility.

  1. GotPrint: offers high-quality, affordable, and trustworthy printing services.
  2. QR Code vCard Generator: perhaps the best way to create digital business cards online.

Promotional Items

Another way to promoting your business is with promotional items like T-shirts, caps, bags, wearables and other “swag” items.

  1. this is the leading online one-stop shop for everything custom-made.

Accounting and Booking

  1. Q-Sufficit: this is a reliable alternative to traditional CPAs.

Professional Outsourcing


Cloud Computing Services

  1. Google Drive
  2. OneDrive
  3. DropBox
  4. com