Top Must-Read Books For Running A Modern Lean Business

Top Must-Read Books For Running a Modern Lean Business

Top Must-Read Books For Running a Modern Lean Business

Top Must-Read Books For Running a Modern Lean Business


Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned enterprising induvial, you always need to keep up with the trends, news and innovation happenings in the business arena. One way of acquiring knowledge and implementing successful strategies to win in today’s competitive global market is by reading resourceful books written by well-regarded industry professional authors. In practice, most are well-respected individuals in academia or are business moguls who have been there and achieved significant business success.

What’s the power of a good book? Think of many legendary and ever-climbing-the-business-ladder personalities like Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, and Larry Page, all borrowing pearls of wisdom from such books. Here the best picks for running a modern lean business.

Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

In his review, Guerrilla Marketing: Put Your Advertising on Steroids, Mark Joyner is dead on point when he says: “this is barely legal …yet you can get away with” about the book, and the praises don’t end there! Guerilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson, has garnered a tremendous amount of rave reviews, both online and in the mainstream media.

This book is truly a masterpiece for anyone looking to hone strategic marketing skills in this world, rife with cut-throat competition. Although he centers his premise on guerilla marketing, Conrad isn’t shy; he goes far and beyond to let you in on some industry’s best kept secrets. Of course, as an entrepreneur, you understand the value that a good marketing strategy gives your business.

To call this book an entrepreneur’s marketing bible isn’t just another tagline, it’s the staple of what the book, and indeed its premise, stands for.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Eric Ries is not only a New York Times best-seller, but also a real blessing to the world of business. In this book, Ries tackles one of the most discussed subjects in the startup stage: “how entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to create radically successful businesses.” Why is this book a must-read? For one, Ries isn’t new to the business community. He knows his stuff.

The book expounds on the many strategies an upcoming business person should consider to stay relevant. From customer experience, to enhanced marketing strategies, and everything in between, Ries explicates a business strategy that is poised to change how startups are built, grown and maintained.

While many prolific writers have come up with outstanding materials, these two are outstanding choices for individuals who are looking to run lean, modern businesses.