Video Production: Innovative Tools For Your Lean Business

Video Production: Innovative Tools for Your Lean Business

Video Production: Innovative Tools for Your Lean Business

In the world teeming with advanced technology and new creative ways mushrooming every day, there isn’t a better way to enhance your business visibility than by utilizing video production. It’s one of the many innovative ways forward-thinking companies are using to give their brands an added edge. If used correctly, video production can give your business a huge boost towards generating new business.

Is your modern lean business sluggish? If you are looking to carve a niche in the business world? Old marketing strategies are not going to cut it. You need to combine creative video production and other cutting-edge social marketing tactics to reach your audience.

Today, I am not going to delve into the benefits of video production. I am going to walk you through the top four video production tools that are poised to deliver unmatched quality.

Paradox Studios

You can never go wrong with Paradox Studios when it comes to integrated video production services. High-end video production isn’t just another tagline to them, it’s what the team at Paradox Studios strives to offer every time. I have worked with them on several occasions, and I must say, they have honed the knack of video production. I prefer Paradox Studios as my key video editor because they charge a reasonable price for a 5 minute spectacularly enriched video product.

Paradox provides outstanding communication throughout your project, truly offering a collaborative environment at its best. Besides, they offer a full line of video styles, language voice-overs, and conversion mechanisms.


This is the best animation, doodle sketch and video production software out there. It’s a DIY (Do It Yourself) video production tool, so your imagination is the only limitation. From VideoHero, to Green Screen, Profit and everything in between, Explaindio has a huge following from companies that span the entire industry. In essence, Explaindio helps you design, create and refine explainer style animation videos to visually market and express your brand or business.

With all these benefits in mind, Explaindio is a significantly affordable piece of helpful software. It’s easy to use and deliver high-grade videos.


This is the perhaps the most affordable comprehensive video production service out there. They have packages tailored to cater to your video production needs but within your budget. They produce a 1 minute “Explainer” whiteboard-style video for a reasonable price. Additional fees may apply for a short script and enhanced voice-over work. These are industry rock-bottom rates.


Wooshii offers a robust, reliable and personable way to garner excellent video production service. If you are looking to find a top-notch developer to aggregate an informational video for you, this is a must go-to site. Plus, it’s a low-cost solution.