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4 Virtual Cloud Space Solutions Indispensable to Your Business

4 Virtual Cloud Space Solutions Indispensable to Your Business

In today’s world of cutting-edge computing technologies, businesses need to embrace the benefits that cloud space solutions offers. From team document sharing and collaboration, to cloud storage, cloud computing has become indispensable to the success of modern, lean businesses.

You can enhance your marketing strategy, reach out to your clients, collaborate with partners and execute business intelligence at its best.

What is all the fuss about cloud space or computing? It’s a modern, dynamic and efficient way to stay ahead of the curve. Think about all the documents, ranging from company policy to contracts, that are used in your business.

Now, think about the possibilities and benefits gained by being able to share and seamlessly collaborate with internal staff, external vendor partners and with clients without leaving your office. Isn’t that fantastic?

Cloud space solutions not only cut back on costs of doing business, but also save you time, increase efficiencies, bolster collaboration and are highly effective.

Google Drive

This is yet another ingenious productivity service by search giant, Google.

It’s vibrant, scalable and has a rich and intuitive interface.

For a company with large amounts of documentation and files, Google Drive offers a great solution.

The inherent benefits of selecting Google Drive:

It’s unbelievably affordable.

Google Drive, much like any other Google products, is meant to be affordable.

They charge an all-inclusive fee of $9 per month for 1TB of storage data. The first 25GB is free.

It’s mobile ready. You can access your files from your mobile on all major mobile operating systems – Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

It’s Secure. Google’s core principles are hinged on the protection of privacy and enhanced security.


One Drive (formerly Sky Drive)

This is smart cloud storage service by technology behemoth, Microsoft.

The inherent benefits of selecting One Drive:

It’s accessible and easy to use.

It has few requirements: besides a mobile device and PC, you only need an internet connection and a Microsoft account. It’s that quick and easy to set it up.

It offers one-click access to its native Windows OS. All your files sync automatically to the cloud when they are placed into these robust folders.

Drop Box

Drop Box was the new kid on the block just a few years ago. Now, it’s a must-have tool for any business that looks to make it in the industry.

It’s a one-stop shop for all things file storage, collaboration and sharing.

Their new product,Drop Box Paper, offers collaboration at its best.



This is the best cloud storage service available for MAC users.

Their service is intuitive, seamless, and above all,exists across all devices.

As you know, Apple doesn’t compromise on quality and security.

The list of solutions out there are vast, but I’ve compiled the top four virtual cloud space solutions that are comprehensive yet cost effective. In fact, most of them are totally free if used correctly.